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Open your ears to sound art

July 28, 2021

In this episode, we’re slowing down, taking a moment to listen and talking about sound art. What is it, where might you find it and is it purely about sound or more about a state of mind?

Host Caro C is joined by two artists working with sound, Ryoko Akama and Amy Beeston. Ryoko is a Japanese-Korean artist and composer living in Huddersfield, who uses everyday items to create kinetic installations that are often driven invisibly by heat, magnetism or gravity. Amy is a Scottish sound artist and audio researcher living in Orkney, whose work explores nature and the environment in her island home. Together, they reflect upon an area of sonic creativity that starts with the world around you, and offer advice for tuning in to your own inner sound artist.


Ryoko Akama is a Japanese-Korean sound artist, musician and composer living in Huddersfield. She uses everyday items and pieces of scrap to create kinetic sculptures and installations, often driven invisibly by heat, magnetism or gravity and using an ‘almost nothing’ aesthetic to emphasise silence, time and space. She is artistic director of the arts organisation ame, which hosts roam festival from 9-18 September 2021. Exhibited internationally, her most recent show was We are on a balancing act at Errant Sound in Berlin. /

Amy Beeston is a Scottish sound artist and audio researcher whose work explores aspects of nature and the environment in her home on the Orkney Islands. Her background combines sound art and science, with studies in music technology, sonology and machine listening. She co-founded Yorkshire Sound Women Network as well as the collective SONA, who have created and exhibited sound art together, including a soundscape made from and for a Sheffield cutlery factory. Her first solo exhibition, Stone Fringe Sound, took place in Stromness in 2019. /

Caro C is a composer, producer, performer and educator in electronic sound. She is the founder of Delia Derbyshire Day, a charity celebrating the Radiophonic Workshop pioneer through events, education and art. Inspired by the elements, the natural world and rock climbing, her fourth album, Electric Mountain is out now.

Audio Club is a podcast from Yorkshire Sound Women Network

Presenter: Caro C
Sound editor: Jo Kennedy
Theme music: Aiwan Obinyan
Producer: Abi Bliss

The podcast was supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

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